Effective Presentation Skills

Unit Standards Covered
Number Title NQF Level Credits
115789 Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts and critically evaluate spoken texts 5 5

This course is designed to equip the learner with the competence and confidence to plan and prepare for presentations; to deliver presentations more effectively and successfully, and to participate effectively in oral communications in a variety of contexts.

Entry Requirements: 

It is assumed that learners entering this course are already competent in terms of the following outcomes or areas of learning at NQF Level 4: Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication.


Two days

Who should attend?: 

This course is intended for anyone is, or who may be called upon to communicate orally in a variety of business settings with the emphasis on planning and preparing for effective presentations that convey an accurate and effective message.

What’s in it for the learner?: 

The participating learner will:
- Have a fundamental knowledge of the purposes and the context for communication as well as of target audiences.
- Be able to apply the style and language register required in different contexts
identify and make assumptions and inferences from and in oral communication
- Be able to speak fluently and confidently in both formal and informal settings, articulating their purpose and meaning clearly
- Use language effectively to convey and evaluate detailed information, to express ideas and feelings and to use appropriate presentation skills and strategies
- Use language correctly and effectively in their spoken communications.


Will be conducted during the workshop by means of observation of a variety of forms of oral communication.
On completion of the workshop the learner will have to prepare and present an oral presentation and submit a portfolio for assessment.


Once a learner has been declared competent, his/her results are forwarded to the ETDP SETA for endorsement. A nationally recognised certificate will be issued.

On completion of the workshop: 

Learners will be able to:
- Interact critically and purposefully as a listener and/or speaker in oral communication
- Analyse and critically evaluate oral interactions and presentations
- Use strategies for listening and speaking in sustained oral interactions
- Analyse and evaluate responses to spoken texts critically and adjust own as required.