Managing Poor Work Performance

Unit Standards Covered
Number Title NQF Level Credits
11473 Manage individual and team performance 4 8

Practitioners who have achieved this unit standard will be able to manage individual and team performance by setting performance goals and measures; formulating development plans, and monitoring and evaluating performance.

Entry Requirements: 

It is assumed that learners starting to learn towards this standard are able to:
- understand the work environment
- gather and use information relevant to managing individual and team performance
- apply basic negotiation, interviewing and interpersonal skills


Two days

Who should attend?: 

This unit standard is intended for people who are, or who aspire to become supervisors or line managers at any level, or who are involved with performance management and development.

What’s in it for the learner?: 

Learners will:
- learn what is meant by the term “Performance Management” and what it entails
- acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage both individual and team performance
- be able to advise colleagues and other role players on performance goals and measures
- be able to formulate development plans
- be able to monitor, evaluate and report on the performance of both individuals and teams


A formal assessment is conducted. Diagnostic and formative assessments take place during and after learning and can be used in the summative assessment, which is via a portfolio of evidence four weeks after completion of the training.


Once a learner has been declared competent, his/her results are forwarded to the relevant SETA for endorsement. A nationally recognised certificate will be issued.

On completion of the workshop: 

The learner will be able to:
- Set performance goals and measures
- Formulate development plans
- Monitor and evaluate performance