• Our Newsletter - "Putting it in Perspective"

    Welcome to this, our first newsletter. We are truly excited about our new “baby” and trust that you will not only share our excitement, but that you will enjoy reading it and find it useful and informative.
    The title “Putting it in Perspective” explains our departure point for such a newsletter. “Putting it in Perspective” will keep you informed of the major changes; it will contain useful tips and information on a variety of relevant topics, and we will invite key players in the ETD field to contribute articles.
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    The Soccer World Cup has come and gone and South Africa is gradually returning to a semblance of normality. This event was hailed as the best World Cup ever by FIFA and it certainly went a long way to building unity and spirit in our country while ensuring that the tourism industry did, and will continue to receive a huge financial injection. Unfortunately, it has had a negative impact on training and productivity, but I suppose one cannot have it all.



    As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a quality and safe service to both learners and clients, QPD Consultants(Pty) Ltd applied for their first NOSA safety grading audit. We have occupied our new premises for 8 months and audits are usually conducted after 12 months, and we were informed that the maximum grading that we could achieve would be 3 stars. We feel so strongly about the need for a safe and conducive learning environment however that we decided to go ahead any way.

  • Third of the way through 2010

    As I am writing this article, we are nearly a third of the way through 2010; we are 52 days away from the start of the FIFA World Cup, and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has been launched and an acting CEO appointed. We all anxiously waiting to see what the effect of this will be on the skills development landscape.