Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Unit Standards Covered
Number Title NQF Level Credits
115402 Assist n researching the problem and the solution within a consulting context 5 6

The course will equip the learner with an ability to analyse a problem for a consulting project and determine a suitable remedial action using a selected problem solving process and problem solving tools.

Entry Requirements: 

Learners must be competent in Communication at NQF level 4.


Two days

Who should attend?: 

This course is intended for any person who is called upon to identify, analyse and resolve any problem within the context of a consulting project. This learner will not engage in consultancy as an independent practitioner, but will do so in collaboration with, and under the guidance of, more experienced consultants.

What’s in it for the learner?: 

The learner will:
- Be able to identify and analyse a problem using a suitable problem solving approach
- Identify the various stages in the problem solving process abd actively engage these in problem solving
- Be familiar with a variety of problem solving tools and their applications
- Use suitable decision-making and system thinking approaches so as to arrive at the best solution


A formal assessment is conducted. Diagnostic and formative assessments take place during and after learning and can be used in the summative assessment, which is via a portfolio of evidence four weeks after completion of the training


Once a learner has been declared competent, his/her results are forwarded to the relevant SETA for endorsement. A nationally recognised certificate will be issued.

On completion of the workshop: 

The learner will be able to:
- Obtain a clear, accurate understanding of a specific problem (or set of problems) affecting a client's business, organisation or project
- Assess the symptoms of the problems identified
- Identify the core source of the problem(s)
- Identify all possible ways of eliminating the problem
- Apply a suitable consulting model to the task of selecting the appropriate solution